Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Pictures

Christmas 2009 Pics:

I'm not really good with labeling pics.
My pictures are of:
Me and Pumpkin, our youngest cat. Yes it looks like I'm strangling her but I promise, I'm NOT hurting her. LOL
Buster our faithful dog. He looks like he's posing. My sister Bert (Roberta) and I.
My children Kate and Andrew.
Me and My sisters, Bert, Me, Cathy and Carol. Yes we were laughing. For the most part, that's what we do when we get together.


jenna said...

LOL, I like the pic of you and your cat, but you really should not tell people you are hurting your cat, they don't like that kinds of stuff, LOL!!! (read your post again :).

jenna said...

BTW, hope my comment does not offend, I just thought it was funny.

SandyFromNJ said...

OMG!!! I mean "I was NOT hurting her!" OMG!!! That is funny!

SandyFromNJ said...

Whew! I fixed it.

Now I'm going to post more. I hope I don't flub it up.