Monday, July 26, 2010


On Wednesday morning, my husband, Michael, was suppose to pack the car and drive me to Hershey PA for a quilt weekend. Michael was going to spend the first day and night with me and then leave me for the next few days to sew, shop and have fun with some quilting friends. We ended up leaving much later. When I entered the bathroom, I found Dini, our eldest cat, lying in the cat litter box. As soon as I walked into the bathroom, she began purring. I knew something was really wrong because no cat lies in a cat box. She did not move out of it. I went and got Michael. I told him, I thought Dini had a stroke. He tried to pick her up and she wiggled out is his hands. She was trying to walk but was dragging her left leg behind her. She made it to her bed and repositioned herself several times. I woke my daughter Kate and told her Dini was very sick. We ended up taking her to the vet. She confirmed my diagnosis and gave Dini oxygen. Dini was breathing through her mouth and the breaths were labored. The vet said she was in pain. Of course, we had her put to sleep and out of her misery. Dini was 16 years old. Somehow she found us when she was only a few weeks old. We found this tiny kitten hiding around our mini van. Michael and Kate (at the time, 5 years old) asked all the neighbors and no one claimed the cat. We ended up keeping Dini. She was not a lap cat and would hide when visiters came. She had no problem hanging out in the same room with us. She would let us know when it was time to pet her and feed here. She would even come to my quilt room and sleep right next to my sewing machine while I was sewing. She was a sweety pie. She had a lovely purr. I really miss her.
In the picture above: Dini kept on lying in a plastic bin of fabric that I was working with. Michael took her blanket and put it on top of the bin so that her hair would not shed all over my fabric. So here she is lying on her blanket but surrounded by some of my fabric. It looks like one of Mark Lipinski's line. The other two cats that live here, rarely come to hang out with me while I'm sewing. Dini would come often and I would have to scramble to make sure there were no pins lying around to stick her. RIP Dini.