Friday, June 27, 2008

Carol Doak

Woo Hoo!
Carol Doak put my YTRR Quilt on her Yahoo Group Home Page! Yippee!
I feel so honored!

I was afraid that I would not get my quilt pic posted on time because Kate had my camera. I found this pic on my camera of Kate at her friend's house. She's really hamming it up! Luv Ya Kate! You're so cute! :)

Ok, now I have to work on my LightHouse blocks and Cathy's Miniature Quilt Block Swap. Both of these projects have to be done before the end of July.

Until next time.............

Your's Truely Round Robin

I finished my Carol Doak YTRR top. Yipee!

Here's a pic.

I might have said this in the past, but I'm a HUGE fan of Carol. Last year my daughter Kate and I took a class with her at Hershey Odyssey Quilt Show. We had a blast.

Sadly, this year, Kate is unable to come with me to Hershey. The good news, my sister Bert is coming with me. We're taking two of Carol's classes, Bright and Bold and Bright Stars. We're also taking a Marilyn Doheny class called Topsy Turvy Table Toppers.
I'm soooooo looking forward to this weekend.
Bye for now............. :)