Saturday, September 6, 2008

Schlep Bag

I belong to several Yahoo Quilting Groups. I enjoy them all. I'm always inspired by others creativity.

On my group "SewGoodFriends", Jana puts out challenges for the members. The current challenge was to make a schlep bag. The pattern can be found here:

I also belong to the baseballswap group. We swap 6 1/2" squares of cotton fabric. The amount you swap and receive depends on how well the MLBB team or teams that you're backing are playing. I began participating last year. I chose the Mets, because that's the team that I grew up routing for AND I chose the Tampa Bay Rays because no one else in the group was picking them. Of course, because of the Tampa Bay Rays, I sent out more than I received last year. This year, is another story. Tampa Bay ROCKS!

Anyways, I now have quite a few 6 1/2 inch squares and decided to make a schlep bag while utilizing some of them. Since I used smaller squares of fabric then the pattern called for, I had to modify the pattern and got lost doing it. Regardless, the end result came out nicely. Here's two pics, one of each side.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Quilter's Home

I love Mark Lipinski. His magazine, Quilter's Home is a joy to read. I also enjoy his Yahoo Group, even though, right now, there's a political debate going on there.

Ann from the group shared a quilt mystery over the summer called, "If I had a Nickel". I was able to use a few of the 1000 FQs I have in my stash and make a nice top. Buster loves it and already was breaking it in, even before I could actually quilt it. Nope, his eyes don't usually glow like that but the Red Eye photo edit thingie doesn't work on his eyes. He's really a sweet dog.
I must work on 'the lighthouses' but I really want to work on one of those schlep bags. I wonder how fast I can make one................

Hershey Quilt Show

I know it's been a while....

The Hershey Quilt Odyssey Show 2008 was lovely. My sister, Roberta and I had a blast. We took one class with Marilyn Doheny and two classes with Carol Doak.

Here's a pic taken at one of the Carol Doak Classes. Starting from the left, that's Cathy, my sister Roberta, Cathy's Mom Carol H., Me and Carol Doak. It looks like we're selling books. LOL We were just fooling around.