Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Post

I guess I can't say that I'm new to quilting. I've been playing around with fabric for about five years now. I have a 6 foot by 4 foot book case filled with fabric and another bookcase that has two shelves filled with quilting books. Due to my son leaving the nest, I now have a room devoted to my sewing stuff. I would like to turn the room, not into a sewing room, but a 'QUILTING STUDIO'. I think it sounds more artistic then just a 'sewing' room. My 'Quilting Studio' is in the works, it's waiting for 'the husband' to repair the ceiling and paint the walls. Then I need to get in there and organize all the fabrics, books, notions, patterns, sewing machines, etc. Right now, I have been sewing in the dining area but I prefer to have all of the quilting stuff in the 'Quilting Studio'.

I have completed several postcards and sent them out through various quilting group swaps. But that's the only quilts that I completely finished. I actually quilted one quilt but it awaits the dreaded binding. I think I will have to break down and actually sew by hand.

I have actually made some bags and swapped or given them away. I have made hundreds of blocks, mostly pieced. This past year, I have learned about Carol Doak's method of paper piecing. I'm hooked! I love paper piecing. I'm a HUGE fan of Carol Doak and her Carol Doak Yahoo Group. I have met Carol Doak and several members of the group. I now have a few paper pieced quilt tops, just waiting to be layered and quilted. I'm thinking, once I get the 'Quilting Studio' in order, I will be able to work more on my actually quilting education.

I'm a sucker for quilt gadgets and have one of those Fabric Movers for quilting on a home sewing machine. I read about it online, watched a video, went to the Viking Dealer who was more than happy to demonstrate it and even let my try it out.............next thing I know, I have one. Since last Christmas! I have yet to use it. Now that I'm getting quite a collection of quilt tops, it's time I learned how to use it.

Next Post: My trip to Hershey Quilt Odyssey.